The Goats Story

A Pregnant Wooly & Gurti settled into the farm very quickly and made themselves right at home, we loved spending time with them and getting them adjusted to their new environment as two pregnant mummies to be it was important to us that they felt right at home in order to have a successful stress free birth. One beautiful sunny morning on the 5th March 2019 our little Tilda was born and we were overwhelmed with joy at how well Wooly had done and how beautiful and healthy little Tilda was. Then shortly after that on the 17th March 2019 Guinnie and Ness were born. We rapidly became intrigued by these beautiful animals and in the coming months we gained Jo and her gorgeous girl Mo.

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  • Gurti

    Gurti is full of mischief and love, she is most definitely the boss of our herd and makes sure we all know it. She loves food and will do anything to get it, often leading the tribe through our back door and into the kitchen where the good stuff is kept. Gurti gives the best cuddles and you can just see the love in here eyes.

  • Wooly

    Wooly is our eldest goat and just looking at her you can see she is the wise owl of the tribe. Wooly – given the name because her she is an Angora goat (where Mohair comes from) and in the winter months she covered with this beautiful coat. Along with been cuddly and wooly she is super loving and gentle.

  • Joanna

    Joanna is our most forward goat, she is inquisitive, mischievous and along with Gurti she is easily won over by food. To any unfamiliar faces at the farm her inquisitiveness comes across a little intimidating but she is just as gentle as the rest of our loving tribe and has a wonderful character.