Tilda's Tribe - Goats Milk Soap


Tilda’s tribe is made up of Sue, Josh, Jade and a small family of anglo-nubian goats and this is our story on how we all came together to create Tilda’s Tribe goats milk soap.

In 2014 Josh and Jade moved into Marsh Farm, Riddlesden where they were lovingly welcomed by Pete and Sue Daly. Over the years they formed a lovely relationship where Pete and Sue taught Josh and Jade how to live the good life and they were truly inspirational with how they gave back to the land and the animals.

At the beginning of 2018 very unexpectedly Pete sadly passed away leaving Sue looking after the small holding on her own whilst working full time, this is when Jade and Josh started helping out with the small holding and as a thanks Sue gave them a bottle of goat’s milk a day.

Josh being quite the entrepreneur came up with the idea of making goats milk soap with all the surplus milk that the goats were producing everyday and after doing some research it turned out that it is amazingly good for your skin. So we all put the ideas into action and came up with Tilda’s Tribe.

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At the small holding there is a small herd of goats built up over the last 7 years from a small family of Anglo-Nubians, the ones with the big floppy ears. The goats were originally bought for Pete by his children as a 60th birthday present which have since then expanded.

They live on the 6 Acre small holding having a very happy and relaxed life and it shows when you meet them, see our meet the goats page.



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