The Goats Story

At the small holding there is a small herd of goats built up over the last 7 years from a small family of Anglo-Nubians, the ones with the big floppy ears. The goats were originally bought for Pete by his children as a 60th birthday present which have since then expanded.

They live on the 6 Acre small holding having a very happy and relaxed life and it shows when you meet them, see our meet the goats page.

Our Tribe

Tilda's Tribe - Tilda


Tilda – Our chief milker, out of all the goats Tilda is the one currently producing most of our milk. Tilda is mummy to Missy and Mini-tilly.

Tilda's Tribe - Missy


Missy is perhaps the most mischievous goat on the farm. She loves nothing more than jumping around the fields keeping Tilda on her hooves!

Tildas Tribe - Mini-Tilly


The youngest goat on the farm, Mini-Tilly is learning fast and growing quickly. She’s always eating and enjoys a good green patch of grass!

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